About Us

Easy Care Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy that is proud to provide exceptional care to the residents and staff of the long-term care facilities that we serve.

We believe the fact that we serve both retail and long-term care patients is a tremendous benefit to our long-term care residents and facilities. We are accustomed to treating each one of our patients with the individual care and attention that they deserve, and you will be amazed by the high level of personal service that we are able to provide. This level of service simply cannot be achieved by the larger long-term care pharmacies in the area.

Our Mission

To partner with each facility to meet the unique needs of each resident by providing the highest level of service, value and support.
Our number one focus is the personal relationship we have with our customers. That relationship is at the core of everything we do. As your long-term care pharmacy provider, we will work with you to learn the unique needs of your residents and your facility in order to provide the best personal pharmacy care possible.

Our Services

We understand that each facility’s needs are different. We provide a wide range of services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your facility, staff and residents.

Medication Packaging Systems

We are pleased to provide a variety of medication packaging systems to meet the needs of your facility, staff and residents. Easy Care Pharmacy is proud to provide the following types of packaging:

bullet_1 Easy Care Packs

EasyCare Packs are a unique way to organize your residents’ medications. With EasyCare Packs, all of the residents’ medications will be organized in a special strip based on the time of day they are to be administered. The morning meds will be in one pouch, afternoon meds in another pouch, and so forth. Each packet in the strip is clearly marked with the patient’s name, administration time and date, name of medication, dose, lot number and expiration date. Each packet can also have a barcode so that it may be used with electronic MARs, which can also be provided by our pharmacy. The use of EasyCare Packs significantly reduces med-pass times, reduces med-pass errors and improves patient safety. By reducing med-pass times, EasyCare Packs allow your staff to spend more time on patient care, creating peace of mind for both patients and their families. This medication packaging system is fast and accurate, easy to learn and is very simple to use by caregivers.

bullet_1 Monthly Blister/Bubble Packs

Blister packs (also known as bubble packs or bingo cards) are filled based on the days of the month (up to 31 days). The numbers on the packs corresponds to the day of the month. We deliver the packs to your facility several days prior to the end of each month. This allows the facility staff time to check in the order before it is administered to residents. This system gives a clear view the dose that was punched out and dispensed. Blister packs are clearly marked with a resident label and a color-coded sticker for administration.

bullet_1 Opus Cassettes

Opus Medication Systems are designed to eliminate medication errors during your med pass and provide a tamper evident system of security. This system uses a 14-Day process where Easy Care Pharmacy fills and labels individual cassettes for each resident. The cassettes are color-coded for the time of day the medication is administered.

Medical Records

We strive to make record-keeping as easy as possible for our customers by offering custom paper MARs and other medical record forms as requested by the facilities that we serve. We also offer the option for electronic MAR’s and Web Connect Capability.

Electronic MAR’S and Web Connect Capability

Our pharmacy can provide a complete electronic MAR system to your facility. An e-MAR system will help your facility:

  • Achieve 100% compliance on med passes
  • Increase profitability of your facility by significantly reducing pass times
  • Virtually eliminate medication errors
  • “7 Rights