We’ll save you money

Easy Care Pharmacy offers a unique combination of advantages that you don’t usually find in one pharmacy: low cost prescriptions and exceptional service and care. We understand the challenges that can arise from paying for medications without insurance and how unfair it is that some pharmacies charge inflated prices for prescriptions not covered by insurance.

If you don’t have insurance, or your insurance does not pay for a medication that you take, you can save up to 90% on your prescriptions through our EasyCare Discount Club! Enrollment is simple and is just $1.00 per year for your entire family. Upon enrollment, you will receive discounted prices on the numerous medications that are covered by this program.

If desired, one of our knowledgeable pharmacists can always review your medications to find potential cost saving opportunities. We will gladly contact your physician to obtain new prescriptions for inexpensive alternatives when appropriate.

If you do have prescription insurance that covers your medications, your copay should be the same at all retail pharmacies, no matter where you shop. With price being equal in that situation, the choice of pharmacy should be made based on service, convenience, safety and professionalism. We are confident that our pharmacy will meet and exceed all of your expectations in these areas, and that you will be pleasantly surprised with how positive your pharmacy experiences will be at Easy Care Pharmacy.