We’ll save you time

As enjoyable as we work to make your time spent at Easy Care Pharmacy or on the phone with our staff, we respect that you are busy and your time is valuable.
We do several things to ensure very short wait times and to cut down on the number of times you need to come to the pharmacy each month.

  • The pharmacy is always sufficiently staffed and equipped with cutting edge technology and procedures to ensure unbeatable speed and accuracy.
  • Our staff can coordinate your refills so that they will be due on the same day each month, saving you the time and energy required for multiple pharmacy visits.
  • We can also automatically refill your medications when they are due to save you the hassle of having to contact us to request your medication refills. To prevent you from inadvertently being without medications, we will even automatically contact your provider for refills authorization if any of your auto-filled prescriptions run out of refills.
  • We also don’t use automated phone systems like many other pharmacies, which can be extremely time consuming for the customer. If you dial our phone number, you will reach a friendly staff member within a few rings!
  • For your convenience, we also accept prescription refills and other requests via our website or IPhone or Android App.